My Politics is more of the European style, borderline Socialist. Art and economy is a fun dichotomy, not that they don’t go well together they do as an artist you make your own money, perhaps that was the disconnect I’m Americanized but way to Norwegian to be economically ambitious to spiritual to be greedy or to single-minded, to European to be materialistic? Ok the last part is bullshit
As a kid I ran around the forest with my friend AK78 (that is a human being)
we carried deactivated guns and played war until we were 18yrs old.
I Never understood why I liked guns so much, I considered myself to morally be a pacifist but with an extensive knowledge of guns, and facts and history surrounding guns. I still like them I like seeing them I movies that was the legacy of TV. Dirty Harry wasn’t a man; he was a 44 Magnum smith and Wesson. Problem solving through guns the American legacy of the 80s Cocaine logics translated into TV  justice and morality, American philosophy televised and packaged to such a visual candy store that it cancelled out any reasonable deliberative school taught strain of thought and especially any “violence is a bad thing” morality.
For some reason my favourite painter is the American, and Happy Americana Apple Pie darling Norman Rockwell, ok I like Rauschenberg and Warhol too but Rockwell decks me emotionally. Portraying the naïve beautiful American dream, and their dream of themselves and the occational criticism. Visual candy.
I went to art school Khio in Oslo 2000-2006 and there it was a Faux Pas to enjoy anything low brow or populistic.

My first real taste; The State autum exhibit in 1996 right before going
to Danvik filmschool

The world fuckin revolves around me!

The Subjective application of said realisation:
The world fuckin revolves around me!

I don’t deal with dead bodies, I never starve, I get my sushi from around the corner, I take the tram to the centre of town, no one has ever mugged me, never broken a bone in this body, all I have is empathy but no real experience that has toughened my skin, my principals are theoretical, my moral is applicable but minute, I love myself way to much, I make love way to much, or not at all. My esteem is disproportionate with my achievements and did I tell you about the sushi? 

The end product is a creation of the mind manifested incarnate in a body fit for combat wasted on a cerebral growth, with hands of a mason and the head of a gorilla, belly of a plutocrat, mind of a narcissist, vanity of a metrosexual male only in mind not in practise, in reality the scruffy dresser of pragmatism and what I create reflect a dispassionate alienated spoiled Americanized disgruntled brat, aware of a spiritual centre in disharmony with this reality and if placed anywhere else in the world I would be severely tested, If taken from all that defines you who are you? And I must answer me! With a sensation of who I am instead of a definition, instead of a list.
My protected reality is my weakness as a human, if better road worn and tested my words would carry more weight and wealth.

Not disheartened by this, but realizing the scope and composition of me, that will yield a voice of the privileged but disgruntled in contrast to those who better feel natures fierce reality and consume of human life.

So in my life the world revolves around me.

This is not a poem, just a thought, to comfort, not of nihilism or depression I’m actually smiling and about to eat a mix of porn, pork, and sushi with a cola zero chaser :)

Feedbackers! as used in IJIN:

Sample of transfer composition #1

Sample of transfer composition #3

Pecha Kucha presentation of My first recordlabel (in norwegian)

PUBLIC INDEX Teaser, with  video components from this project.

My first recordlabel/Sonics @ Skånes konstforening at Supermarket Stockholm 2010 

A presentation of Sonics (in Norwegian Only)

An interview done with norwegian TV2 program: Waschera (also in norwegian)

Transfer Composition #3

TEASER (by HEX film)
Transfer composition #3
Rigging and Driving: Sigurd Blandhoel
Photography edit:
HEX film  Dag Sølvberg
Christian Blandhoel on Treble
Øystein Sandsdalen on Bass
Stills: mari eggen
Sound: Huzza/Christian Blandhoel
Location:UKS galleriet



My Name is Christian Blandhoel and I’m Americanized. By that I don’t mean I advocate Norway becoming the 51st State, but since childhood I have been weaned on American pop culture, learned English phonically by watching G.I Joe, Masters of the universe and Magnum P.I. To such a degree I had become so Americanized that it no longer served as a thin veil by which my world was tainted, but it vulgarised my perception to such a degree I that I realised it. I took stock of my life my inner monologue or dialogue and saw that this realisation had not merely personal but also artistic merit. Manifested through the projects PUBLIC INDEX and SUBVERSIVE ECONOMICS